Coolant and Vacuum Hoses


At S&R Powerstroke, we understand that your commercial and heavy-duty Ford vehicles are vital to your daily operations. Critical components like coolant and vacuum hoses ensure your engine runs efficiently and effectively. Our dedicated hose services are designed to keep your Ford vehicles operating smoothly, preventing unexpected issues and maintaining peak performance.

Our hose service begins with a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s coolant and vacuum hoses. Our expert technicians use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to check for leaks, cracks, wear, and blockages. By catching these issues early, we help you avoid costly repairs and ensure your vehicle stays on the road longer.

Regular hose maintenance is essential for the overall health of your engine. At S&R Powerstroke, we offer thorough maintenance services that include pressure testing, hose replacement, and connection tightening. Keeping your coolant and vacuum hoses in optimal condition ensures that your engine maintains proper temperature and pressure levels, preventing overheating and other related problems.

When repairs or replacements are necessary, you can rely on our skilled technicians to provide top-notch service. We use high-quality hoses and components that meet Ford’s stringent standards, ensuring durability and reliability. Whether it’s replacing a leaking coolant hose, repairing a damaged vacuum hose, or conducting a full system check, our team has the expertise to keep your engine running efficiently.

At S&R Powerstroke, we are committed to maintaining the performance and reliability of your Ford vehicles. Our expert hose services provide the assurance you need to tackle the toughest jobs without interruption. Trust us to keep your coolant and vacuum hoses in top shape, ensuring your vehicle is always ready to perform at its best. Experience the S&R Powerstroke difference – where your vehicle’s reliability and performance are our top priorities.