6.0 Liter Diesel


When it’s time to start fresh with your powerstroke and bring it back to life, you’re going to want experts placing hands on your rig. Here at S&R Powerstroke, we have 20+ years of experience and Ford-certified technicians equipped with the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Here are some common issues that arise within 6.0 Liter trucks:

Long crank or crank no start when hot 

  • Leaks in the high pressure oil system: 
  • Injectors
  • Oil rail stand pipes and dummy plugs
  • High pressure oil pump
  • PR valve

Hard to start when cold

  • Failing glow plugs or glow plug module
  • Sticking fuel injectors
  • Ficm failure (fuel injector control module)

Oil leaks

  • Most common leakage spot is bedplate seals.  When they leak from here it can easily be mistaken for rear main/oil pan leaks.  But if the bedplate is looking wet, then engine removal is necessary to perform a complete engine reseal. 

Cooling system issues

  • Most 6.0s have underlying head gasket issues due to factory head bolts stretching over time.  Especially towing heavy loads up steep grades. You will experience loss of coolant and coolant smell due to fluids venting from the degas bottle. Common fix for that is to remove cylinder heads, replace head gaskets and install ARP head studs to address this main cooling system issue.

S&R technicians know your diesel engine. Our factory-trained diesel master technicians are ready to tackle your challenge. We’re equipped to handle basic maintenance all the way to a full engine rebuild.