7.3 Superduty Diesel


When it’s time to start fresh with your powerstroke and bring it back to life, you’re going to want experts placing their hands on your rig. Here at S&R Powerstroke, we have 20+ years of experience and Ford-certified technicians equipped with the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Here are some common issues that arise within 7.3 trucks:

Fuel Leaks and Oil Leaks: 

  • Fuel:
  • Mechanical fuel pump
  • Fuel filter housing
  • Fuel lines and fittings.
  • Oil leaks:
  • High-pressure oil fittings and seals
  • Turbo pedestal
  • Oil cooler
  • Front oil pump cover
  • Oil pan/rear main seal.

Drivability issues:

  • Misfire
  • Loss of power can be caused by damage to the turbocharger
  • Sticking injectors
  • Under valve cover harness
  • Injector driver module/IDM
  • Fuel and oil quality 

Cooling system concerns

  • Coolant leaks 
  • Fuel in the cooling system from failed injector cups.
  • Oil in the cooling system from a failed oil cooler

Hard to start when cold

  • Sticking fuel injectors, bad glow plugs, and glow plug relays are common issues if your 7.3 has issues starting cold.
  • If a vehicle has low compression/blowby/uneven cranking this will also affect the ability to start when cold.

S&R technicians know your diesel engine. Our factory-trained diesel master technicians are ready to tackle your challenge. We’re equipped to handle basic maintenance all the way to a full engine rebuild.