Ford Expedition


At S&R Powerstroke, we specialize in providing top-notch automotive services tailored for owners of robust vehicles like the Ford Expedition. Whether you rely on your Expedition for work or family adventures, our skilled team is dedicated to keeping it performing at its best.

Our comprehensive maintenance and repair services cover everything from routine inspections and fluid changes to more complex diagnostics and repairs. We prioritize proactive maintenance to ensure your Expedition remains reliable and ready for any journey.

S&R Powerstroke is committed to enhancing your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Whether it’s addressing mechanical issues, optimizing engine efficiency, or improving handling and comfort, our expertise ensures effective solutions that meet your needs.

For those looking to customize their Expedition, we offer a range of upgrades and enhancements. Whether you’re seeking to increase towing capacity, outfit for off-road capability, or enhance interior features, we provide tailored solutions to elevate your driving experience.

Trust S&R Powerstroke for expert care and maintenance of your Ford Expedition. With our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, we ensure your vehicle remains a dependable companion on every road. Experience the difference with S&R Powerstroke, where your vehicle’s performance and reliability are our top priorities.