6.7 Liter Diesel


When it’s time to start fresh with your powerstroke and bring it back to life, you’re going to want experts placing hands on your rig. Here at S&R Powerstroke, we have 20+ years of experience and Ford-certified technicians equipped with the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Here are some common issues that arise within 6.7 Liter trucks, as well as upgrades that can be made:

  • Oil leaks from the upper oil pan is common on all years. This is considered an engine reseal job. Transmission will be removed. Additionally, we remove the front cover and reseal completely, new rear main, etc…
  • Another common leak is from the injector seals on the valve cover and the vacuum pump gasket.
  • Fuel system contamination due to high pressure fuel pump failure is common. We recommend S&S disaster kit to protect the fuel system components (fuel injectors, fuel rails, fuel return, fuel tank).
  • To prevent failure to the high pressure fuel system from a failed high pressure field pump, we recommend S&S DCR high pressure fuel pump. This changes over from the cp4 pump.
  • Emission components

S&R technicians know your diesel engine. Our factory-trained diesel master technicians are ready to tackle your challenge. We’re equipped to handle basic maintenance all the way to a full engine rebuild.